Sealing Your Pots

Sealing Your Pots

Why Do I Need A Sealer?

A sealer adds to the overall strength of your pots by sealing the inside of your pots to protect against naturally occurring efflorescence.

What Sealer Should I Use?

We can supply you with an amazing quality Bondall Bitumen Sealer to offer the maximum sealing strength possible shown below.


How Much Does Sealer Cost?

  • 1L Tub is $29.95 inc GST each
  • 4L Tub is $79.95 inc GST each
  • 10L Tub is $149.95 inc GST each
  • Brushes can be supplied to apply the sealer for $2.50 each

How Much Sealer Do I Need?

Speak to one of our trained professionals who can advise on the right amount for your project.

How Do I Apply The Sealer?

The following information is from the Bondall manufacturer on the correct application of bitumen sealer

  • Tack Free drying time in 60-90 mins
  • Recoat: 2-4hrs
  • Dry Film: 24hrs
  • Backfilling soil: 4 days
  • Immersed Areas: 21 days
  • Recommended 2 coats applied at different directions
  • Based at an ambient temp of 20c

Important Fertiliser Information

Slow release fertilisers such as osmocote found in premium potting mixes can create the following effect similar to efflorescence as shown below if pots are not sealed using our recommend Bondall Bitumen Sealer.

The effect on the outside of the pot can be wiped off pots finished in our Dulux sprayed pots but by presealing the pots you can avoid this happening in the first place.