Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to the people at home or just landscapers?

Yes we sell to everyone.

Can you provide advice on the best planting methods?

Yes we have a planting guide that can take you through the steps which can be viewed by clicking here.

What are Dulux custom spray colours?

We use the Australian Dulux paint range to offer a massive amount of colour options whilst applying your paints by trained professionals with commercial grade spray equipment and industry best practices to ensure your finish looks amazing and outlasts the competition. To learn about the advantages click here.

Do I need anything special to protect the pots and plants?

We recommend following our planting guide which can be viewed by clicking here to get the most life out of your pots and plants. With certain pot ranges we also recommend using pot feet with most purchases which can be viewed by clicking here. Bitumen Sealer is also a vital inclusion to give your pots that extra waterproofing to protect from naturally occurring efflorescence with information viewable by clicking here.

I was told painted surfaces may crack or peel?

We use the same commercial Dulux paint combinations used across Australia on commercial buildings. In fact Dulux themselves offer a 15 year guarantee on their paints! Like everything in life it takes skilled preparation of surfaces, and expensive spray equipment to get long lasting results and the good news is our team of qualified professionals will achieve the best results in Australia so you don’t have to worry.

I’ve purchased a painted product before and it faded, cracked and peeled, why won’t yours?

Unfortunately not all suppliers are offering the same standard of quality that we do. In fact some of our competitors will use cheap inferior paints, watered down paints, paint their products overseas, paints that are not suitable for Australian UV, paint brushes to apply the paint, inadequate surface preparation methods when applying the paints, paint in poor environmental conditions, not use undercoating when applying paints and believe us the lists goes on. We are happy to say we have a proven method which is patented by our business and produces long lasting quality results in line with Australian Dulux specifications so that you can the same professional result, every time. We paint hundreds of thousands of pots every year and don’t have returns based on our paint not going the distance.

I was told infusing colours is better than spraying them. Is this true?

Incorrect. Infusing colours is subject to variations in colours, and doesn’t protect your product from naturally occurring efflorescence or crazing (a fancy way of saying imperfections in your pots surface finish). By using professional spray painting equipment to finish your product in Australian Dulux paints you’ll be getting the best possible, long lasting, UV resistant finish that hides efflorescence and crazing, giving you a finish that will impress with the longevity your deserve.

Why can’t I just paint my own pots?

Like all things in life, training and the right tools make a big difference to the end result. At Pots Wholesale Direct we’ve invested in professional spray equipment and hire trained professionals to apply your paint to get the long lasting results your product deserves, so put down the brush and ask for our team of skilled professionals to give you the finish you deserve.

Can I choose any Dulux paint I want?

We generally get asked for the same popular Dulux colours and due to this you save big on costs by choosing from those regular best sellers. Yes you can ask for colours outside of the best selling range but it make incur a $30 per pot surcharge due to extra costs and expenses. Enquire today to find out more.

Can I have any custom size or shape I want?

Yes at a cost. We do produce custom pots but usually these are part of larger commercial projects where the quantities ordered offset mould costs and shipping costs. The good news is we hold the largest range in Australia and generally have an off the shelf shape or size to meet almost all requirements. Enquire today if you need more information.

How are your GRC Pots made?

We have a large manufacturing facility based overseas which allows us to reduce the cost of your Pots due to the lower production costs overseas. We oversee production and quality control with Australian oversight to ensure it meets our stringent Quality controls for both commercial and residential application using the same materials as Australia.  We have been successfully producing pots for over 25 years and are proudly Australian.

Is your GRC different from cheaper fibreglass alternatives?

Yes, our GRC aka ‘Glassfibre Reinforced Construction’ is a composite material made from sand, cement, and alkali-resistant fibreglass strands which offers the greatest strength and commercial grade quality compared to cheaper alternatives.

Do you offer Custom Sizes and Colours?

We offer custom sizes for larger orders to meet client requirements and also offer the ability to custom spray using the leading Dulux Weathershield range in any Dulux colour for durability in harsh Australian conditions. Lead times are usually anywhere from 1-9 weeks.

What is your Warranty Period?

We proudly offer 1 year warranty on all products sold that adhere to our terms and conditions and pot care guidelines.

Do You Deliver Australia Wide and Overseas?

Affordable Delivery Australia wide with delivery times for stocked items in 1-2 weeks. We provide the best packaging possible with larger orders delivered on pallets with bubble wrap provided to protect your investment. A Forklift is required when unloading large orders with pallets. Delivery costs are included in our quotations.

Can I Get A Product Specsheet?

Our StoneLite GRC product specsheet can be viewed by clicking here.